Transforming your home in 7 simple steps

Hank Bailey
Hank Bailey
Published on April 29, 2019

Home improvement projects can not only be fun, but they add value to your home as well. You may have decided to add improvements to your home before it goes on the market this year or you may already be planning improvements to your new home! Here are some creative ways to add some “Wow” appeal to help you either sell faster or enjoy your home more after you close and make it your own!


Painting a room not only makes it feel fresh and new again, but it can serve as a backdrop for other home decor ideas. If your home is on the market, would highly encourage you to stick to neutral colors.

If the home is one in which you plan to stay for some time, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite colors. Find some room by room color inspiration from Sherwin Williams! I really personally enjoy the entryway inspiration gallery the most! The entryway, after all, is the first room they see when either prospective home buyers, or guests, walk in your front door! Make that first impression one they’ll not forget!

Area Rugs

Area rugs are pretty versatile. From accenting a seating area to adding color, texture, and a hint of personality to a room. Area rugs can also be used to delineate “zones” within a room.

There are “rules” about the size and placement of area rugs to get the most impact. LampsPlus offers a tutorial at YouTube and find additional tips at and You might also enjoy shopping for area rugs by size and style at Amazon!


New furniture, such as a sofa or other seating, can dramatically change the look of your living room. If there’s no room in the budget for new furniture, gently used items are widely available both online and at consignment stores.

For a little living room furniture inspiration, you might like this link from Ikea.

Rearrange that Existing Furniture

This one is simple and it’s cheap because it doesn’t cost you a thing! Start out by finding that focal point in your room, usually an interesting architectural element. Then, rearrange your furniture to take advantage of the focal point.  Make sure you open up rooms that feel closed in by existing furniture arrangement so the floor plan “flows.” You don’t want it to feel tight or restrictive so make sure any furniture pieces that are clogging up traffic patterns.

Learn more about decorating around a room’s focal point at, and


Lighting is one of the decorating items most overlooked by many homeowners. Reading lamps, floor lamps ,and under-cabinet mounted strip lighting can all add beauty and function to your home. Have some fun with this link from Home Depot looking at styles to brighten your home!

Large or unusual lighting can also become a room’s focal point.

TIP: If you’re redecorating to sell the home, add more lighting and crank up the bulb wattage as well. You can never have too much light when a home is on the market for sale! You might check out this link from Pinterest for some lighting inspiration!


If a piece of art speaks to you, if you enjoy looking at it, then buy it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inexpensive reproduction or an expensive original, art is a personal preference.

Groupings of small photos or paintings can enliven any wall. Large pieces over a sofa can enhance the atmosphere in your living room.

The trick to hanging art work, even groupings, is to place it so that the center of the piece is at eye level.

And, don’t limit yourself to using only photos and paintings on the walls.  Artwork can be anything from antique plates to your grandmother’s handmade quilt. Mirrors, in groupings or one dramatic piece can make a room appear larger.

I showed a house recently where the artwork seem to come alive as the colors blended so perfectly with the wall colors throughout.  This was not the general real estate “keep it neutral” either.  This was a home with some character and it shined!

A Touch of the Great Outdoors

Houseplants add color, texture, and charm to a home’s interior.

You’ll find houseplants that thrive on neglect and some that will bloom even in dark, shady corners. Yes, there are the divas of the plant world – those that require exacting care but will pay you back with amazing beauty. and offer tips on how to choose the right plant for your home and offers a brilliant list of “80 Pet-Safe Houseplants.”

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